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About us

The Research Institute for Independent Higher Education (RIIHE) is a non-profit, voluntary organization based in Tokyo, Japan. Established by the Association of Private Universities of Japan (APUJ) in April 2000,

APUJ was founded in 1947 as the first voluntary association of private universities and colleges. It is currently the largest organization of its kind with more than 300 of the 450 independent (private) institutions of higher learning in Japan as members.


RIIHE shall engage in the following kinds of program within the parameters of independent higher education:
  1. Research on issue of Higher Education.
  2. Conduct openstudy group.
  3. Present opportunities for domestic and international researchers and higher education institutions to exchange information.
  4. Edit, publish and distribute research publications. Presentation of editorials and reviews on the "kyouiku-gakujyutsu shinbun"(Weekly Education and Science Newspaper).
  5. Undertake other activity for the further development of independent higher education.

Research Projects

RIIHE will address range of research topics, including:
  • International comparative research of Higher Education
  • Research regarding private university management reform research on fundamentals of school corporation system
  • Establishment of database for higher education in private schools
  • Development and evaluation of private school undergraduate program
  • Research on quality-assurance system(including evaluations of cetified evalution and accreditation system and observation of international trends regarding quality-assurance)
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