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July 2014
ORGANIZATION NAME Established on 7 December 1946 as the National Union of Private colleges. The present name was adopted on 26 March 1948.
MEMBERS 377 school corporations & 403 private colleges
Chairman Sunao Onuma
Vice-chairman 10
Permanent directors 27
Directors 30
Auditors 3

General Secretary 1
Staff secretaries 24
Hokkaido division 21 corporations 23 colleges
Tohoku division 22 corporations 24 colleges
Chubu division 63 corporations 69 colleges
Kansai division 74 corporations 79 colleges
Chugoku/Shikoku division 26 corporations 30 colleges
Kyushu division 41 corporations 43 colleges
Kanto Regional Coordination Committee 130 corporations 135 colleges
ACTIVITY In respect of the significance of the status of private colleges in Japan as higher education institutes and scientific research, the Association shall promote private colleges through cooperations among school corporations, contribute to achieving our common responsibilities, and to contribute to the progress and development of science and education, the Association shall execute investigation, research, and projects for the issues listed below and relevant activities which are necessary for these activities.

  1. Institutions and administrations fro colleges and the national budget for culture and education
  2. National institutions and laws for enhancement of private colleges
  3. Subsidies, loans, contributions and other assets endowments which are necessary for promotion of private colleges and given by national or regional public entities or private persons
  4. Educational curriculum, facilities and equipment, organization of educational professionals, operations and management of colleges
  5. Scientific research organization at colleges and at the national level
  6. Improvement and enhancement of welfare and competence of educational professionals
  7. Assistance and welfare training for improvement of students life
  8. International exchange of education, science, and culture
  9. Publication of printed materials and issue of the Association newspaper which are relevant to science, education, cultural administration, school management, etc.
Shigakukaikan Bekkan 9F, 4-2-25, Kudankita, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

Tel : +81-3-3261-7048
Fax : +81-3-3261-0769

       Purpose behind the establishment of the Association of Private Universities of Japan

   It goes without saying that the advancement of human civilization must depend on the dissemination of education and growth in the academics, but for Japan in particular to create an advanced culture and contribute to the world’s advancement as a member of international society, we must make unrelenting efforts toward the dissemination of education and growth in the academics. On top of this, in today’s society, in consideration of the fact that universities bear responsibilities as institutions of the highest level education and academic research, the most critical item is always enhancing university content and working toward the complete growth of university functions.
   Originally, the development of academics only results from situations in which independent and free individuals engage in self-motivated investigation, and, on top of this, the fruits of education can be expected only in situations where students motivated to improve themselves and educators brimming with educational ideals are able to come together on a voluntary basis and connect on a human level. Accordingly, education and academic research must be undertaken through the autonomy of those concerned based on the maximum securing of freedom and independence and the authoritative intervention of third parties must be strictly forbidden.
   Despite this, Japan’s educational policies since the Meiji Period have been dogmatically proposed and implemented by bureaucratic administrations governing above the people, and many national universities have been established and are being managed by these bureaucratic administrations, and authoritative intervention in terms of academic research and education has continued to be the norm. As a result, the people’s healthy critical mentality has been inhibited, true consciousness has been snuffed out, the people have been enveloped in war, and we have finally brought into the hardships of today.
   In looking back over the history of education and academic research in Japan over the past eighty years, it is clear that going forward, the concept of education in Japan must be centered on private education. Thusly, private universities nationwide have realized this important responsibility, have set up the Association of Private Universities of Japan as a new means of mutual affiliations, secure the freedom and independence of education and, while maintaining the authority of private education, through advanced joint research and autonomy, enhance the content of universities, work toward the complete growth of their functions, and contribute to the realization of their societal calling as institutions of the highest levels of education and academic research. Additionally, while having a strong curiosity across all fields of education, these private universities attempt to contribute to the advancement of civilization in concert with all manner of individuals and organization in Japan and throughout the world.
March 26, 1948
                                        Association of Private Universities of Japan

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